Teamwork programs instill the importance of building service partnerships with clients and colleagues (internal clients). They provide effective tools and proven techniques to increase service commitment, add service value and enjoy lasting win-win results in the service chain.

In the competitive business landscape, the continued success of the service organization is dependent on providing exceptional internal and external customer service. An emphasis on teamwork for service excellence is a major way to achieve effective customer service and a 'worth-place' environment i.e. a place where organizational success and personal satisfaction are both achieved. Poor internal customer service between departments will negatively impact an organization's external clients. Teambuilding is more than just the rah-rah of excitement and morale boosters. It is the holistic approach to an organization's effectiveness for shared objectives. This effectiveness is obtained through the instructional structuring of theme-based experiential activities and challenges that lead teams from their existing state to the desired state of service quality.

The main objective of the program is to instill in the participants the importance of working together in teams to achieve service excellence. This workshop gives you the skills you need to communicate service excellence, gain respect and enhance working relationships with internal and external clients. Through the interactive training process and activities, the participants will identify the desirable behaviors to build better relationship with clients, bosses and colleagues. You will be able to use these skills immediately to create a more supportive and cooperative working environment for the positive moment of truth. At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to come together with greater cohesion as a team, communicate in an open manner and work effectively to exceed clients' expectations.

"Excellent service comes from staff who enjoy what they do;
converting a chore to a hobby where happiness is contagious.
That is the working environment we must aim for"


Developing Teamwork For Service Excellence - Overview

Key Learning Pointers

  • Understand what is meant by internal client experience and recognize how it can benefit you as an individual and as a member of an organization-wide team - T.E.A.M. : Together Everyone Achieves More For Service Excellence.

  • Identify your responsibilities as a team member, commit to act out effective behaviors that build and support the team to achieve 'win-win' for service quality.

  • Build team commitment for service excellence : we have different functions and responsibilities, but operate with shared objectives and one level of client-centric attitude.

  • Foster mutual understanding and appreciation of key work processes, priorities, the 'Big Picture' of service excellence, successes and challenges in the service chain.

  • Apply the effective 'Win-Win' Team Template of goals, roles, processes and relationships for unifying direction, clear accountability and mutual support.

  • Avoid 'Games' that people play limit productivity and prevent team members from enjoying authentic encounters: The Drama Triangle of Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim, If it weren't for you, Now I've got you, Blemish.
  • Turn The Drama Triangle into a Winner's Triangle for client-centric experience and build relational capital between team members that forms the basis for influence through relationship.

Dialogue is an in-depth conversation into the assumptions that structure and interpret our daily work experiences. Dialogue is a sustained inquiry held in an environment of mutual respect. Dialogue creates a group in which members explore difficult issues and are able to express their thoughts and feelings; and challenge assumptions. Dialogue moves a group beyond polarized "right or wrong" or "win or lose" thinking that leads to misunderstanding and communication breakdown. You can find the person you do not agree with and can still talk to, listen to them, not with a view to how to respond, with a view to understanding of reason a belief or position makes sense to someone else.

This workshop offers the motivation and skills to communicate and work through challenging concerns and issues in ways that bring shared understanding. It builds trust, strengthens relationships, and draws out the best thinking as well as new level of cooperation. Dialogue is such a powerful personal and team-learning tool for personal and professional development.

Are you ready for dialogue?


Dialogue In Practice - Overview

Key Learning Pointers

  • Being grounded in self to understand and listen to your own voice while opening to others in the dialogue

  • Using the conversation norms for a safe discovery process that is inclusive of individual and the group

  • Unfolding the potential around and through us with The Ladder of Inference

  • Establishing trust and respect by exploring blocks for deeper learning about the situation

  • Listening with empathy by suspending judgment, assumptions, letting go of expectations and verbal fighting

  • Practicing inquiry to open up the process and provide the affirmative exploration of what is being spoken
  • Identifying opportunities for generative dialogue of common understanding
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