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Our second book S.E.R.V.E. - Empower Yourself, Empower Others and Make a Difference is launched! It provides the engagement to the "mind and heart" aspects of driving empowerment for service excellence. What will enable you to make decisions in your areas of responsibilities and demonstrating commitment and accountability for the desired results; and what is holding you back from doing so? The shared experiences by the characters at their work engagements and the revealing questions at the "Let's Think About It" sections provide readers reflective points to pause and explore "What?", "What Else?", "So What?" and "Now What?". This book is an orchestrated approach to inspire readers and bridge the pathway to be empowered for a healthy service culture.

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Book Review

Book review on S.E.R.V.E. - Empower Yourself, Empower Others and Make a Difference published in Today Manager - "Service excellence is always about putting others before self. Part of me feels that one of the reasons why this book works for Dr Seow is because she practises what she preaches and this shines true throughout the book and her message. Good for those in the service industry especially."

Today Manager Issue 4 2017

  Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
2019 - 2016

Winning Through Superior Service
Customer Service Self-Efficacy - Expand Your Service Mindset and Confidence to Serve.

Engaging Clients With Impact - Communicate, Connect, Collaborate
The service professionals will gain a better understanding of themselves and others who they may term as "difficult". They gain service microskills to handle the "difficult" client engagements with finesse and professionalism. .
  Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited
2019 - 2018

Superior Service Behaviours
Superior service micro-skills provide robust micro-skills to equip and empower professionals to be relevant, accessible and flexible to deliver a seamless customer experience. The course is application-based and the participants acquire the service micro-skills through a variety of learning and practice exercises of work scenarios to exhibit the customer-centric behaviours. In this workshop, professionals will find stronger confidence in the practices of learning content into work context that co-create solutions for their customers.

EQ Way of Service Excellence
EQ competencies include a set of practical skills of self-awareness, consequential thinking and empathy to manage yourself and your external and internal customers. Participants will acquire the EQ competencies through a structured training program that provides the practical tools and insights from real-life work case studies on how to influence their customer engagement and build better relationship.
  National Heart Centre
2019 - 2012

Service Distinction
This service program engages the hearts and minds of the service professionals from the wards, specialist outpatient clinics, ICU, cardiac labs, clinical research, cardiac catherisation lab, coronary care unit, cardiovascular rehabilitation, nursing specialty care unit, nuclear cardiology, physiotherapy, pharmacy, casemix, medical record office, medical social service, nursing development unit, support services, operations, business office, HR and corporate communications.

Employment and Employability Institute (e2i)
2019 - 2006
Employability Coaches and Industry Support Teams - At Your Service
A structured series of experiential activities and reflections in the self-efficacy framework to enable service professionals to discover and pursue the joy in client engagements, thereby transforming their mindset to “Do Good, Do Well, Do Together and Do More”. 

PME Executive Workshop - Change Management
This Executive Workshop equips Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) with practical skills to enhance their efforts for positive outcomes in their career development and gain employability.

2018 - 2009

S.E.R.V.E. To Empower Self and Others
S.E.R.V.E. (Significance, Efficacy, Relationships, Variation, Extra Mile) provides the engagement to the "mind and heart" aspects of delivering a great customer experience for self, team and the customers. It provides the increased shared responsibilities and commitment to engage our customers and colleagues. Our professional and personal development in delivering service excellence can be a creative, invigorating and satisfying experience. S.E.R.V.E. is an orchestrated approach to empower professionals to be their best self to serve with joy.

Superior Service Microskills - Service Language C.R.M.
This program provides pragmatic and easy-to-use behavioural modification techniques to equip service professionals (relationship officers, client development officers, sales officers, service officers, portfolio advisors, quality analyst, business development analysts, collector analyst, IT business unit managers, IT project group managers and HR generalists) to handle their client interactions effectively.
  Solvay Speciality Chemicals
2018 - 2014

Emotional Intelligence for Service Excellence
EQ competencies --- a set of practical skills of self-awareness, consequential thinking, resilience and empathy to manage yourself and your external and internal clients.

Customer-Centricity - Superior Service Microskills
Service mircoskills with the global shared service teams (Shanghai, Mumbai, Bangkok and Singapore) : Finance - AP, AR, GL, Reports and HR.
  International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Asia Conference - Korea

Connect People and Thinking for Shared Values
The Creative Facilitator - Effects of Self-Efficacy in Action

1. The Key to Quality Facilitation - Increasing Your Self-Efficacy
2. Assessment of Personal Resources - You Can
3. Assessment of Situational Resources - We Can
4. Analysis of Facilitation Experiences - Be Empowered
5. Analysis of Value Tasks - Add Value

Hospitality Training and Facilitation - Community Projects
2018 - 2005

Churches - Fairfield, Faith, Toa Payoh, Trinity, Wesley Church and New Creation Church
Ushers, greeters, befrienders and volunteers will find stronger confidence in the many active learning engagements that build passion and self-motivation to serve with a thankful and cheerful heart.


Social Service Institute --- Service Excellence Training For NPOs and VWOs
2017 - 2009

W.O.W. Service! - Serving Social Service and NPO Clients Effectively
Handling Difficult Social Service and NPO Clients
Agency for Integrated Care, Autism Association, AWWA, Bethesda Care and Counselling Services Centre. Family Service Centre (Care Corner, Sembawang, Whispering Hearts), Fei Yue Community Services, Institute of Mental Health, Ling Kwang Home For Senior Citizens, Lions Befrienders Service Association, MINDS, Mendaki, Morning Star Community Services, MINDS, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Ren Ci Hospital, SATA CommHealth, Salvation Army, Silver Ribbon, YMCA and YWCA.

Community of Practice (CoP) - Service Excellence for the VWOs and NPOs
The CoP is a self-governed group of service professionals, who have a common interest together to (i) share information and experiences (ii) share passion and challenges and (iii) interact, learn and support each other.


Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Awarded SIM Professional Development's Top 10 Trainers
SIM Professional Development's Most Popular Trainer

Shortlisted trainers are based on key metrics such as evaluation ratings for the year . "Dr Seow Bee Leng makes service excellence training practical, interactive and personalized by addressing the attention, relevance, confidence and satisfaction of the learners. Her interests are in equipping and enabling service "professionals to enjoy service delivery, value-add and create meaningful connections with their clients."

2016 - 2011

EQ Way to Customer Care - The Heart of Service Excellence
As doctors, pharmacists, medical technologists, radiographers, physiotherapists, nurses, medical records officers, clinical researchers, patient service associates, executives and managers "read" themselves, they become catalysts for influencing their clients for positive outcomes. This program provides practical tools and skills to enhance service professionals' EQ competencies to serve happily and effectively.

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd
2015 - 2012

Emotional Intelligence @ Service (Inbound and Outbound Calls)
To provide a practical way to learn and practice emotional intelligence, Six Seconds Model of EQ-in-Action begins with a practical three step process: (1) Increase awareness - notice your feelings and reactions in client interactions. (2) Increase choice - consider options to add value. (3) Increase purpose - pay attention to what is truly important and be client-centric.



EQ Way of Customer Service
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the service professionals capacity to understand and control their own emotions, and recognize and manage those of their clients at work. Service engineers from Singapore, Australia, America, China (Shanghai, Beijing, GuangZhou), Japan and Korea are empowered and equipped to harness emotions to create optimal results in challenging service context.


Estee Lauder
2015 - 2014, 2010 - 2009

Asia Pacific Service Excellence Workshop (Learning Managers' Conference)

EQ Way to Customer Service - The Heart of Service Excellence (Counter Managers)
Continuum Learning is one of the sponsors for Estee Lauder's launch of 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign "Connect. Communicate. Conquer. Prevent Breast Cancer One Woman At A Time. The Pink Ribbon. Wear It. Share It." In support of The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.


2014 - 2005

Conversational Coaching for Service Excellence

Conversational coaching covers a paradigm shift of mindset as service leaders and core service coaching tools - (1) The Art of Reflection, (2) The Art of Asking Powerful Questions and (3) The Art of Listening with Intuition using The G.R.O.W. Model. The purpose is to equip the service leaders with coaching techniques to support the service transformation initiatives to "grow" their service professionals.

Esplanade Experience II
Service professionals explore ways to manage the client's perception and his quality of experience.


Louis Vuitton Asia Pacific - Call Centre

Expand Your Service Mindset Through Your Self-Efficacy
A structured series of experiential activities and reflections in the Customer Service Self-Efficacy framework to enable service professionals to discover their strengths and client-centric mindset.


To Serve With Love

The book 'To Serve With Love' invites service professionals to rediscover their roles as their organisations' brand ambassadors through thought-provoking questions. By sharing insights on bettering services, the author reminds service professionals that the seemingly ordinary tasks can be performed extraordinarily well. Breaking away from the conventional 101s of customer service, the author encourages service professionals to first and foremost serve clients with love. In doing so, service professionals will learn in this journey of service continuum that it is by giving, will they receive.

Book Reviews - Recasting Customer Service Mindsets


Challenge - Approaching the Public Service Differently

How To Get The Best Out of Your Service Staff

Article published in Challenge (Sep/Oct 2011), publication by PS21 Office, Public Service Division : "Service Excellence -- The secret lies in your Service Staff"


Cartier (China) Retail and Wholesale Conference

Customer Service Self-Efficacy
This seminar aims to enable the service professionals to bring the mind, heart and soul to their daily service activities through their Customer Service Self-Efficacy.


MBA Essentials for Engineers
2011 - 2010

Service Clues For Service Productivity
This program provides easy-to-use techniques to enable the engineers to discover and manage service clues to achieve superior service.


Ministry of Education
2011 -2010

Customer Service Self-Efficacy
Seminar for service professionals of Education Programmes Division - Gifted Education and Pre-School Education.

Service Begins With Me - The Heart of Service Excellence
Service Commitment : "We are your key partner in Education. We serve with professionalism and care. We work together as a team to Make It Happen."


Far East Organization

Developing Teamwork For Service Excellence
An emphasis on teamwork for service excellence is a major way to achieve service excellence and a "worth-place" environment i.e. a place where organizational success and personal satisfaction are achieved. This effectiveness is obtained through the instructional structuring of theme-based experiential activities and challenges that lead teams from their existing to the desired state of service quality.


Dhiraagu (Maldives)
2010 - 2009

Achieving Customer Excellence
Achieving Customer Excellence (A.C.E.) service training is a competency-based program which provides practical service microskills to enable service professionals in the telco industry to achieve service excellence.


ComCare Call Centre

Service Excellence Training

This program of effective telephone handling service microskills equip service professionals with techniques to sharpen their vocal and verbal skills to be a better communicator at work.




Singapore Airlines
2012 - 2007

SIA Cabin Crew Trainers' Conference
Explore, Excite, Excel - Instilling A Passion for Training

Developing Teamwork For Service Excellence
The main objective of the program is to instill in the cross-cultural teams the importance of "Together Everyone Achieves More" for service excellence.

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