Continuum Learning believe that people learn best by experiencing real situations, consequences and achievements and by being fully engaged in the learning process. We create powerful opportunities for participants to experience, reflect on and learn from new emotions, problems and situations.

Our programs involve engaging and memorable learning experiences, supported by relevant theory, skilful facilitation and feedback to bring about lasting changes in behaviours and improve performance. Our structured yet flexible approach incorporates the latest materials, ongoing practice and developmental activities to support maximum transfer of learning and behavioral change. A strong focus on relevance and application to work makes the learning practical and powerful, allowing participants to immediately apply the learning into daily work.

The course methodology ensures that your participants:

  • Understand fundamental service principles
  • Discover how each learning point applies to their job
  • Create practical action steps for immediate service enhancement
  • Enjoy learning and participate fully in the course
The customized activities and exercises include:
  • Practical case studies
  • Realistic role plays and scripting
  • Review of current compliments and complaints
  • Small group discussions
  • Creative thinking exercises - innovative ideas to enhance customer service
  • Challenging quizzes
  • Knowledge and skill-based assessments, and more

Course activities and exercises are carefully customized to address current service issues for internal and external service departments, as well as for managers, supervisors and frontline staff.

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