Different people learn in different ways. Some learn best by seeing and observing. Others learn best by listening and hearing, and others learn by personally trying and doing. Some of the participants will learn best when they can think and reflect, others when they can engage and attempt. Some will learn when they are reading or writing, others when they are discussing and debating.

The curriculum is carefully designed to include all of these modalities for learning. Throughout the programs, the variety of video presentations, customized exercises and activities will allow every member of your team to learn new service microskills, and successfully apply what they learn.
At the end of each program, participants complete an evaluation form. The key questions encourage participants to take personal responsibility for the results of their training, and appreciate your investment to upgrade their service skills.

The levels of evaluation are:
  • Joyful reflection - What did you enjoy in this training program?
  • Focused attention - What did you learn that will be useful at work?
  • Proactive intention - How will you apply what you learned on the job?
  • Awareness of others - What value will this create for you, your customers and colleagues?
  • Return of  investment (ROI) - What ROI do you intend to achieve with your learning and application of skills?
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