Thank you for the service training with our HR community. It was a great session and learning with the interesting metaphor of 'hands clapping of giver and receiver' and more importantly the need to focus out of the little black dot on the piece of white paper. Looking forward to more learning together with the HR community.

Linda Ng
Regional Human Resources Business Partner : Accenture

The EQ Way of Service Excellence workshop was well structured with a great content and delivered in an excellent way with great involvement among each one of us. I enjoyed the practical exercises during the training workshop which help me understand and observe other's emotional expressions both in our work area (internal and external customers) as well as in personal life (family, friends and society). I have learnt how to manage my emotions and deliver my service to others in the professional ways.

Saravanan BJ,
Project Engineer : Siemens Pte Ltd

Dr Seow brings a high level of positive energy and great sense of humour to her service training sessions. I have attended a couple of them and always enjoyed the learning experience. She is a thoughtful and encouraging trainer who often challenges us to think and speak from our hearts, helping us to align our values and motivations to what it means to S.E.R.V.E. with Love. I will highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is looking to improve their customer service skills or someone who is looking for meaning in Service work. Thank you for the support and encouragement in my journey to S.E.R.V.E.

Joanna Tan
Programme Manager: Yale-NUS College

Dr Seow collaborated with me in selecting and grooming our bank's service excellence champion to win a Top service award in the financial industry. I greatly appreciate her help on providing advice on how to present our service excellence champion's customer-centric mindset and focus in the difficult situations. In those service workshops that Dr Seow had delivered, I had the opportunity to learn about her deep knowledge in customer service and a structured process in handling service recovery, coupled with a strong customer engagement element. Thank you for mentoring and showing us what we can do when we embrace a strong customer-centric mindset to deliver the best service experience. I will definitely recommend Dr Seow for training and facilitation on delivering great service.

Cindy Fok
Vice President - Service Transformation : OCBC Bank

Customer centricity is a key behavior for our shared service team and I would like to thank you in supporting our development in this important area. Your ability to engage and involve the teams in participating in the training sessions was very impressive and this was reinforced by the techniques and exercises that you used which really allowed the team to learn and develop. I am sure that if our teams show the same level of commitment, energy, enthusiasm and service centricity as yourself, we will succeed in enhancing our service delivery. The feedback we have had from all our participants has been very positive and so much so that two of our 'internal customer business units' have asked about the training having seen our teams development - already you have made an impact!” 
Ian Brown
Head (APAC Shared Services): Solvay
Dr Seow was engaged to facilitate an EQ workshop with Agilent Technologies. From the beginning in discussing the training needs, working out the content and deliverables, to actual delivery, Dr Seow had been approachable, flexible, and at the same time able to provide her expert advice on the implementation. She was very passionate about the content she developed, and the work she delivered. It was reflected in the energy she displayed while facilitating the workshops. ” 
Charlotte Tham
Training Manager : Agilent Technologies
Thank you Dr Seow for your partnership in co-creating our service ideation workshop! Your passion is contagious and your delivery was captivating and inspiring! The participants took away many new ideas which helped sharpen their service. We look forward to some of these innovations coming to fruition. ” 

Damon Wong
General Manager - Quality Service Management : Changi Airport Group

I attended the Service Excellence training with Dr Seow at our HR Forum at Bangkok. She will transform you to an excellent service provider through what she imparted. I remember and applied what she passionately communicated to serve from the heart and the powerful Service Language.” 
Ramil Anzaldo
Human Resource Manager : Frasers Hospitality
Dr Seow had excellent facilitation skills and an industry expert with practitioner experience in the area of service excellence. She is a master at work in the way she conducts the training sessions and keeps the class alive with her humorous sharing of case studies. Dr Seow comes across as a very humble and friendly person to talk to and I would highly recommend her professional services.” 
John Ho
Senior Manager - Business Development & Marketing - National Council Social Service
Dr Seow is a wonderful facilitator and trainer. She created a hearty environment for participants to connect and created memorable learning outcomes. Well structured and reflective design that enabled the group to deeply imprint learning for personal actions to make a difference. Thank you, Dr Seow. Highly recommended.
Rita Chan
Director - Walmart
Winning Through Superior Service program was well structured and very interesting. All participants felt that this was one of the best training that they had attended. I was meant to be there for the opening but landed up attending the whole course because it was so interesting and I did not want to miss it. The outlook of our front line staff have improved tremendously after attending the course. You have delivered what we wanted and we are very grateful for your assistance. Thank you very much for accepting to come to Bhutan to train us.
Karma Wangchuk
Director : Bhutan Air Transport
We are delighted to have you train our service staff. Your good understanding of our work context and the interesting ways which you delivered the important messages attracted the staff's attention and learning. The value-added service pointers gave the staff a firm foundation to model and learn from
Dr Siew Lai Keun
Director : Singapore Children's Society
It is a pleasure to participate in a workshop facilitated by Dr Seow which very engaging, enabling and simulating. Dr Seow brings diversity of experiences into facilitation in very structured process. This facilitation combines psychological underpinnings with useful tools and then connect both to real life scenarios. Participants feel empowered, heard, committed and encouraged to explore new boundaries to their roles in a world with consistent changes. Through this process, members can bring new values to their roles through collaboration and co-innovation.
Han Ngi Juan
General Manager : Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd
Dr Seow is a passionate and highly engaging trainer. She always thinks out of the box and experiments new tools and delivery techniques. All her workshops are never the same, yet consistently delivering value that meets the objectives and outcomes. In the few runs of training that I have engaged with Dr Seow, I look forward to the sessions as I can eagerly anticipate something new and interesting. One of her lessons that I will always remember as a participant of her service training is the checking of our blind spots. This learning has helped me grow not just professionally, but as a person as well as in my connecting with my friends and family.
Alfred Lee
Senior Employability Coach : Employment and Employability Institute e2i
I had a wonderful experience attending Bee Leng's facilitation using the photo therapy process at Lifelong Learning Institute. Her passion and excellent facilitation had enabled the participants to go on a depth educational journey to reflect and make a clear perspective of our role in this uncertain time. She is indeed a committed and engaging facilitator. Looking forward to learn more from her.
Dr Koh Tat Suan
Director : Lifelong Learning - SkillsFuture Singapore
On behalf of the MediShield Life Review Committee and the Ministry of Health, we would like to thank you for facilitating at MediShield Life dialogue sessions with the Chinese Development Assistance (CDAC) and Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association. We are grateful for your extensive experience in facilitation, and the active role you played in enhancing the facilitation plan, to ensure it was robust and provided the best opportunity for the participants to be engaged. Your ability to create and sustain a participatory and safe environment for participants to share suggestions was greatly invaluable.
Jeffrey Ong
MediShield Life Review Committee : Ministry of Health
I like the I'm Ok, You're Ok concept and its applications to Service Language CRM. This learning will help my team members and peers as we serve our external and internal clients. I will recommend for all to attend the Winning Through Superior Service Microskills.
Subbarayalu Gopalakrishnan
Senior Vice President
: Citibank
Thank you for organizing the Service Distinction course. The course is application-based and we have acquired the service micro-skills through practice sessions of real-life challenging client scenarios. The relevant “how-to” in our client interactions are impactful.
Gillian Wee
Senior Staff Nurse (Nursing Specialty Care Unit) : National Heart Centre
“I first got to know Dr Seow through the facilitation community and has the opportunity to witness her in action on many different occasions. She is a customer-centric trainer who is well-versed in blending content and process facilitation to engage her participants through multi-sensory means. With her practical approach towards inspiring and empowering service professionals to make a difference in customer experience, she is indeed a much sought-after trainer/ facilitator in the field of service culture.”

Phoon Kok Hwa
Publisher-Coach : Candid Creation Publishing

Lr Seow Bee Leng is an insightful trainer and speaker - without a doubt, an expert in her field. She understands human behaviour and how to build strong and enduring relationships. It is rare to encounter someone so personable and knowledgeable at the same time.

Brenda Tournier
Head-Alumni & Community Relations : University of Western Australia

Dr Seow Bee Leng is the one of the most engaging and knowledgeable facilitator I have met. Her course not only allow for work application but also allow self exploration and improvement in personal life. Thank you Bee Leng for the great time spent in your class!
Eddie Khoo
Scientist - Technical Application : Illumina
Hear it first from the Service Excellence guru, Dr Seow Bee Leng, and get ready to be enthralled with her knowledge-packed and witty presentation. The best part, it is easy to apply Dr Seow's pragmatic and bite-sized training tips at work. To me, that's an A-star learning. Thumbs up, Dr Seow!"
Seri Rahayu
Assistant Vice President - Customer Experience: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Social Service Institute (SSI) would like to thank you for facilitating the Communities of Practice (CoP) on Service Excellence. Designed to build capability among service employees serving in the different non-profit organizations, the three sessions and the frequently asked questions template captured key areas to provide service employees addressing external clients’ common questions at first touchpoint was delivered. I like to thank you for your time and contribution to SSI and the social service sector.
Belinda Tan
Director : Social Service Institute - National Council Social Service
We work together for a multiple run projects and Dr Seow has been helpful, committed, adaptable and enthusiastic. She puts her heart and soul into her projects and I look forward to more work opportunities with her.
Sadie-Jane Nunis
Editor : Singapore Institute of Management
I have worked with Bee Leng on a major service campaign for the 7,000 cabin crew to further enhance service standards called Service Over and Above the Rest' (SOAR). She is driven, dynamic and directed her training team well to deliver the training outcomes exceeding expectations within a tight timeframe.
Ng Ju Li
Manager : Singapore Airlines Limited
Dr Seow is a wonderful and helpful trainer with a friendly personality. She is passionate, knowledgeable and innovative in designing and delivering customer service program which the cabin crew benefits to achieve high standard of inflight service. A great manager and motivator who inspires and supports individuals to pursue their service excellence goals confidently.
Edwin Seah
Inflight Supervisor
: Singapore Airlines Limited
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